The Con Artist Dog

Anyone who says dogs aren’t smart, has not lived with one. As my aunt always says, “If they let on how smart they really are, they know we would put them to work.”

Toby loves exploring — the grass, the woods, the sidewalk, the street — basically, anywhere he can. But, he also knows that he’s not allowed in the woods behind my house. One of the main reasons is it’s where I’ve seen a fox come from on more than several occasions. Plus, the outdoor cats, groundhog and other furry critters, as well as ticks and bugs call that part of the yard home.

Toby and his Aunt Vikki a few months ago.

After three years, he’s learned not to try to go back there when he’s with me. When it comes to suckering others into it ….  well, that, is another story.

Last weekend, while I was on the phone with the insurance company {we got lots of hail damage} Toby was begging to go outside. My friend Vikki and her husband were visiting, so she was nice enough to take him for me.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table talking to the insurance company when I look out my back door and see Toby with his nose to the grass sniffing like crazy along the woods.

Of course, I begin to freak out a little, and had to put the insurance agent on hold for a second so I could make sure Toby wasn’t getting into trouble. It became somewhat comical, because I was trying to explain to the woman why I needed to put her on hold while also explaining how my roof and siding were damaged.

When they got back inside, we kept joking how Toby knew Vikki didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be over there, so he took advantage of it.

Does your pet do this? Do they try to get away with things they’re not supposed to when you’re not around? 

4 thoughts on “The Con Artist Dog

  1. Elka does it while I'm still in the room! As an example, if I ask her to sit, or lay down, that's that. If other people ask her to, she'll walk away. Or make a gesture at it but not finish. That kind of thing.

  2. Too right , always grab the moment when you can and take full advantage of the situation. Hope you insurance was sorted out and the weather has improved. Have a great weekend!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Of course! If I refuse to go outside, Jen has learned to check to make sure she hasn't left food out…. I'm probably planning to do a little counter-surfing.

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