Feed Me, Please

Sometimes I love being away from Toby for a day or two, because then when he sees me, he goes nuts. He run, he jumps, his tail wags, he slides his way up my belly the first time I lie on the couch and put his head on my shoulder while extending all four paws flat out.

It’s not that he doesn’t do this all the time, but it’s amplified by about 1,000.

It also means he wants 10,000 percent more attention — like last night. He would only eat if I hand fed him.

How does your dog greet you when you’re away for a while?

4 thoughts on “Feed Me, Please

  1. When I come home Sasha runs and jumps then has to inspect my bag and any other bags I have. She pulls on them then sticks her whole head in – just in case there are treats. Almost always is one!

  2. Hey Toby, Jet here. Hi Miss Michelle.

    The few times Mom disappears for a long time, I do my whoo, whoo… pause, whoo, whoo, whoo speech welcoming her back and then I try to jump on her. (which I usually refrain from….) I wag so hard and let her pet me, scratch my ears, and then I roll over and have her rub my belly… We don't know about JJ yet, since Mom has not gone away since we adopted her.

  3. Only if you hand fed him? Holy smokes, poor baby!

    Elka pretty much needs to be touching one of us at all times. She'll sit on one our our feet, lay across a lap, stick her head up under my arm, etc.

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