Great Grandpaw, Can I Open That?

Last Mother’s Day I posted a photo of my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and me in the Adirondacks when I was a kid on my other website The Adirondack Chick. Today, when I was trying to find a similar photo with my grandfathers for Father’s Day, I couldn’t find a single one!

Well, I wasn’t going to let that happen with Toby … so I made sure I took a photo of him, his grandpaw and his great grandpaw.

Toby was also really excited to help his great grandpaw open his present. Please excuse my laughing … but it just amazes me the way my grandfather — who is not an animal lover — takes to Toby. It’s really cute.

One thought on “Great Grandpaw, Can I Open That?

  1. Animals have a way of winning humans over, don't we? Jen visited her Dad yesterday and remembered that he never had pets until he met his current wife. She had a toy poodle that he fell in love with. Jen never saw him cry before, but when Josie died, her dad was devastated. His has been a home filled with animals since.

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