Last-Minute Packing Tips for #BlogPaws

It’s almost here! We leave tomorrow afternoon for BlogPaws,
and have put together a short list of last-minute items, you may have
For you and your dog:

Cotton balls and Q-Tips: You might need these to help apply
or remove makeup, but they are also good tools to have in your dog’s bag just
in case you need to apply medicine or ointment to your dog.
Baby Wipes: These are easy to pack, and are great to use if
your dog gets their paws a bit dirty at a rest stop or rolls in something messy
and you can’t immediately give them a bath.
Cleaners and paper towels: Travel size bottles of a spray freshener
like Febreze and a general spray cleaner are good to keep in your bag just in
case of a hotel accident.
For your dog:

Collar and leash: You never know when a leash might get
torn, or a collar notch gets too loose. Having an extra one in your bag will
help prevent a dash to the concierge asking where the closest PetSmart is.
First aid supplies: We all hope for a safe and uneventful
trip, but it’s always better to be prepared for an emergency just in case. A
pet-safe wound care spray, something to stop bleeding and bandages are always
good to have on hand.
Shampoo: This is especially important if you plan on doing
outdoor activities with your dog. They are really good at getting dirty and the
last thing you want is a muddy dog sleeping next to you in a four-star hotel

For you:
Sunscreen: What? BlogPaws is an indoor conference! Yes, but
sitting outside having a cocktail while networking or taking a quick break to blog
at the pool means being outside in the hot Utah sun.
Energy bars: There will be plenty of places in Salt Lake
City to grab a bite to eat, but when you’re sitting in a session and craving a
snack, it’s a lot easier to reach into your bag for a quick pick-me-up than searching
the hotel for something to nosh on. It’s also a lot cheaper to buy them at your
local grocery store and throw them in your carry on, than buy them in the
Moisturizer: Although I’ve never been to Salt Lake City, I
hear it’s very dry. Hotels typically have small bottles in their rooms, but if you have
sensitive skin like me, don’t take a chance of having an allergic reaction
while at a conference where you want to put your best foot (or paw) forward. No one, likes dry flaky skin.
What are some of the last-minute items you are packing? 

14 thoughts on “Last-Minute Packing Tips for #BlogPaws

  1. Oh Toby what a great list but no amount of wet wipes would do it for my human today after I rolled around in unmentionables. It was needless to say the dreaded bath for me.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Chapstick is a must have, of course. On my list is also a head halter (in case the dogs forget their leash manners with only their flat collars on), Benadryl (for me or the dogs in case we encounter some allergens we aren't used to), and a mat and stationary toy so that if the dogs are accompanying me to a talk, they can lay on their mats and chill out.

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