Not a Normal 4 a.m. Morning

Toby gave me a pretty good scare this morning.

I didn’t think much of it when he woke up and wanted to go outside at 4 a.m. When we got outside he started chomping down on clumps of grass, and seemed to have no interest in doing anything else.

Back inside we went.

I also didn’t think much of it when minutes later he went over to the cabinet where I keep his food, and started begging. He definitely likes a middle-of-the-night snack once in a while. After giving him some food, I lied down on the couch and waited for him to finish.

When he was done, he begged to come lie with me. Still pretty normal. What wasn’t was that he kept continually moving around. Seconds later he jumped down. Before I could say, “Toby, are you OK,” he had already upchucked his food.

This went on for two hours. Toby would do this funky thing with his mouth and neck, would get sick, get wobbly, look at me with the saddest brown eyes and then try to sit down, but not before repeating it all again. He looked lethargic and was having a hard time moving.

While he’s been sick before it was never like this. I just followed him around the kitchen with paper towels and cleaner. I was all prepared to take him to the emergency clinic, but before I knew it, it was almost time for our regular vet to open.

We finally got to a point where Toby would stay snuggled up under the blankets on the couch. My Dad walked in, looked at him and said, “Wow, he doesn’t look good.” My response: “Actually, he looks 100 times better than this morning.” I mean no one looks good after throwing up about 15 times.

At the vet, they took his temperature, did a x-ray, which showed there was no obstructions, and gave him a few shots. Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out exactly what caused Toby to get so sick, and my guess is that we likely never will, even though we have one or two theories, but no concrete proof.

He’s on a bland, home-cooked diet four days, and knock-on-wood, so far he’s tolerating it pretty well. Toby also looks much better than he did this morning, but still not 100 percent. I worked remotely once we got home from the vet to keep an eye on him, and I’m really glad I did — it was good to watch him starting to get back to normal.

Fingers and paws crossed that he continues to get better, because very frankly, this morning was pretty damn scary, and selfishly, I don’t want to go through it again.

10 thoughts on “Not a Normal 4 a.m. Morning

  1. Twiggy and Onyx have both done this! It's so hard! I hope he feels better quick. Did you know dogs sometimes eat grass when they have an upset stomach because it makes them throw up. Not the only reason, but if they don't normally eat it, it's a sign of an upset tummy. Hugs to Toby – and you!

  2. Awww, Chuy and I are hoping for a quick recovery for Toby! Chuy got like that a few months back…the vet has since put him on a RX diet full-time. The little guy just has a sensitive tummy, so we are really watching what he eats. It's so frustrating when they can't find anything. That's the same thing that happened with Chuy. There's never anything they can pinpoint.

  3. Oh, dear! Sometimes I get like that….sometimes you just need to upchuck ALOT, until you feel better – it does scare the peeps, though. Paws crossed that your through the worst of it.



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