Red Carpet Arrivals at #BlogPaws

Photo courtesy of  by becka

One of the many fun, new addition to BlogPaws this year was the Nose-to-Nose Awards co-sponsored by Halo, Purley for Pets and Freekibble.com. Conference attendees got to get dressed up and walk the red carpet with their furry friend while a small line of paparazzi snapped photos.

And, just like in Hollywood, a red carpet wouldn’t be complete unless there was someone with a video camera and microphone asking questions to the celebrities. In this case, I used my iPhone and Tout to talk with the attendees about the awards after they took a stroll down the red carpet.

We talked with speakers, BlogPaws alumni, Nose-to-Nose Award nominees and newbies, as well as emcee Wendy Diamond.

Grabbing a quick photo with Wendy before finishing up some Touts.

You can see all of our videos from BlogPaws on our Tout page.

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