Toby Does Americade in Lake George

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Toby loves going for walks through Lake George Village in Adirondacks, but Americade — the world’s largest motorcycle touring rally that attracts between 50,000 & 100,000 people — is by far Toby’s favorite time of year.

He does more than his typical prancing through the streets. He struts down the main drag like he owns the town. It’s also the only weekend of the year he will slip into an article of clothing and gladly leave it on: his Harley Davidson muscle shirt.

The last day of Americade was yesterday, and Toby got to take full advantage of the nice weather, a mom who felt guilty for not seeing him for the past several days and all the complements he got.

We started off the day with an early-morning walk into the village, where we spent sometime time relaxing by the lake.

The plan was to just come right back, but then my Dad {who was up here because of all the storm damage we endured} met us at the park with breakfast to watch the parade through Lake George Village celebrating the 30th anniversary of the rally. As you can see Toby really wanted some of my bagel!

Hey, Mom, what’s in there/ Can I have some?

After the parade we headed back to the house where Toby literally passed out because he was so tired. While he slept, I ran a bunch of errands, and then after dinner, I put on Toby’s Harley shirt and we headed back to the village.

The village during Americade is a bit crazy. The whole street is lined with motorcycles, the bars, restaurants and shops are overflowing, people set up chairs on the sidewalk to watch the bikes, there’s a lot of traffic and whole lot of people. And, Toby loves it.

Thinking back, Americade is the first big event Toby attended here after I bought my house. And, of course, wearing his Harley shirt, there was/is always people stopping, or commenting “what a cute puppy,” or “awww, look at that dog.” Yes, my dog is totally an attention hound.

After we walked up and down the main street, we stopped at the Adirondack Pub and Brewery to sit outside and have a beer. It’s somewhat of a tradition.

And, Toby wasn’t the only dog enjoying the sights and sounds (and attention) at the brewery:

Are there certain events that your pet absolutely loves to attend?

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12 thoughts on “Toby Does Americade in Lake George

  1. Toby is second best to my dog, Sandie! Thanks so much for sharing about Toby and I hope to read more in the days and months to come about him. He's a ROCKSTAR!

  2. Wow, Toby gets around. I'm certain he'd love to hang out with our dog Sando, who thinks he's quite the mutt around town.
    What a sweet idea. I'll have to read more.
    Just spreading a little good karma from KarmaBloggers…

  3. Oh yeah, he's lookin' tough in that Harley shirt! And I think he really is a tough little guy if the noise from all those motors doesn't bother him at all.

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