Another Week, Another Bed

As many of you know Toby loves to chew and destroy things. Thankfully it’s only his stuff for the most part — his beds, toys, blankets and leashes.

I got him this large, new fluffy bed after he pulled almost all the stuffing out of his old one. Plus, it was going to be the bed he slept on while staying at my Dad’s house while I was at BlogPaws.

Not even five minutes after I  put it on the floor, stuffing was everywhere. How do I know? I heard what sounded like someone was dragging something across the floor. Sure enough, I went inside and Toby was underneath the inside of the bed ripping it up

And, he knew he was doing something wrong. As soon as I said, “Toby!” He immediately stopped, turned over and looked at me like, “What mom? This is the way you’re supposed to lie on the bed.”

At least he stayed put long enough for me grab my iPhone and take a photo. I mean look at him — it’s tough to get mad at that face!

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12 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Bed

  1. He and my pug, Bunk certainly have a lot in common. Bunk chews up everything! I recently spent $20 on a toy that was supposedly "indestructible" and it was done within two days. What can you do…

  2. Same problem here! One of the dog beds is covered in tough nylon. The dogs can't chew or tear it; of course they don't like sleeping on it either. I'm about to shell out the big $$ for an LL Bean bed; they seem to last longer. Coincidentally, I posted about chewing today, too!

  3. BOL! Beds are the bestest to de-stuff, huh Toby? I use to have fun like that until Ma raided her Mad-Money jar to "shell out big bucks for this bed, so don't ruin it!" bed. Well, I guess it was worth it, because as much as I try, it won't give, huumppp. (it is an Orvis bed, and God willing I won't have to pay that much for another bed EVER again!)



  4. When my dog Sadie was a puppy, she LOVED to tear apart stuffed animals. My mother and I used to go to yard sales and buy them for a quarter. We'd take them home, cut off any noses or buttons, send them through the wash, and let her go to town. It was so much fun watching her do it, though picking up the stuffing was not so fun.

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