Forget Surfing Dogs; Surfing Goats Catch Wave

Move over surfing dogs, the next animal to jump on a surf board and ride a wave are goats.

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How the heck do they stay balanced on there?! I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time last weekend and while I {knock on wood} didn’t fall in, it took me the whole hour to get comfortable standing up. In fact, I only stood up once and quickly fell down onto the board. And, I’m usually pretty good at sports.

And, if you’re wondering, no, I didn’t take Toby with me, because I was worried about balancing him and the board. Once I get the hang of it and feel comfortable on one, he will join me just like he does on the kayak — which the way last week went, could, um take a whole season. 😉

Since this is the look I’m getting from Toby, I better get off the computer and take him for his Saturday morning walk along the lake or he might decide to push me in next time we are out on the water.

How does your dog feel about the water? Do you think they would like to “catch a wave?”

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