Michael Vick Tells Piers Morgan: Maybe I’ll Get a Dog

Michael Vick tells Piers Morgan that since the ban on him owning a dog has expired, he might get one, adding, it “certainly wouldn’t be a pit bull.”

Vick said the reason he would get a dog would be for his kids.

7 thoughts on “Michael Vick Tells Piers Morgan: Maybe I’ll Get a Dog

  1. I am sure he'll find someone that will let him adopt a dog, but I certainly hope it won't be any rescue or shelter!

    I just had a friend submit an application to adopt a Siamese through Siamese Rescue and they are 'having to put her application before the board' because she had a kitty from me that had some behavior issues and I took him back and it took 2 more homes before he found the right home for him. We worked together with a behaviorist who said he needed a home with a companion cat and she wasn't in a position to adopt a 2nd cat at the time.

    I feel that is responsible pet ownership and went into great detail on my reference questionnaire from them and I can't believe they are taking the fact that she had the cats best interests at heart in a negative view…

    1. Teri,

      Before I had Toby I had several rescues tell me that I worked too much to adopt a dog. This was despite the fact that during the day the dog would have been with my Dad. Toby has a pretty good life — I hope those dogs I wanted have one, too.

  2. He's been citing how "unfair" it is to his kids for years, that he couldn't have a dog. I really wish that he'd had a permanent ban on dog ownership. At least he's aware (or at least I hope he's aware) that he's still VERY much in the public eye for what happened to those dogs, even if the NFL and Nike seem to have forgotten.

  3. Personally I'd like to see him shining some spotlight on dogs and working towards fixing his wrongs. He should be going out to the inner cities and rural areas speaking out against dog fighting. It might help stop some of it.

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