Charlotte Reed Spills the Secret to Dating With Your Dog

For the single dog, or cat, owner dating can be rough. You worry, among other things: “Will they like my pet?” “Will my pet like them?” Is their apartment pet-friendly?”

Slow down, says pet expert Charlotte Reed, who reminds singles that you need to take a step back and concentrate on what you are doing, or not doing, before freaking out about your pet.

“Looking for a mate is a lot like looking for a job in a difficult economy,” says Reed. “You need to have a dating strategy.”

Reed, who met her chef husband while filming a TV segment, is taking the lessons she learned while navigating the choppy dating waters of New York City, and teaching it to those pet loving singles in a new seminar appropriately titled, “Finding the Pet Lover of your Dreams.”

During a recent class at the Hotel Indigo in New York City, Reed asked the audience “What are your Doggie Deal Breakers? What’s on your list? Is it rich, rich, rich, drives a BMW?”

But, after you make that list, you then need to take a look at yourself, too, referring to a quote from the former View co-host Star Jones: “I had this big long list of what I wanted, but I realized I didn’t stack up to the list myself.”

“Other than a pet owner, who are you?,” Reed asked, adding pet owners sometimes classify themselves as only that, and if you really want to meet a quality mate, you need to look beyond it, as well as the superficial stuff.

Make a list about who you are, analyzing past relationships and behavior patterns. Also, take another look at that list of “must-haves.” There might be a few things missing.

“You have to make sure he has good sense of humor, you know, for when the dog craps in his shoes,” Reed said, as the audience laughed unanimously, while shaking their heads in agreement.

Single pet owners need to be aware of a major thing — the subliminal message they sending when they are out with their pets, because good men, Reeds says, are “like American Express — they are everywhere you want to be.”

They are around when you’re walking your dog, playing tennis, attending an art gallery opening, at a wine tasting, at work, on the subway. Reed’s main message to single pet owners here was, you don’t have to be at a dog event to find a dog lover.

And, for that reason it is important she says, to remember several things when you step out of the house:

– No sweats when taking the dog for a walk.
– No strollers for your dog.
– Make sure you’re walking your dog on a clean leash and nice collar.
– Don’t let your dog have more expensive, or fancier cloths on than you.

“You need to look your best wherever you go,” Reed added. “When you look good, you feel good and you have positive energy around you.”

There’s a simple strategy Reed says to meeting someone — live like you want to meet somebody.

“Be positive, be proactive, go to a dating coach, ask friends to set you up, find non-dog events to go to that interest you.”

Reed will be teaching this class to single pet owners across the country on a multi-city tour. To find out when she will be in your area, follow her website. The New York City event was sponsored by the Animal Medical Center, Bissell, Hugs Pet Products, Hartz, Wag and World’s Best Cat Litter.

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  1. whoops…. I walk the dog in the morning in whatever I slept in (sometimes wearing slippers) if he has given me the urgent signals I may not even stop to brush my hair (although most days I take the 20 seconds to brush it and put it up in a clip).

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