Dating, Winning and Driving

Happy Saturday!

Boy has it been a crazy week in our house. I thought summer was supposed to be fun and relaxing? Just kidding, I wouldn’t trade this week for the world, but we sure have been busy, which is why this post might be little shorter than our normal Saturday ones.

Last weekend I attended BlogHer in New York City, which from my point of of view — a pet lifestyle writer whose only kid is covered in fur — was interesting to say the least. During the first 10 minutes after I arrived I was asked twice about how many {human} kids I had. I’ll be writing more on that later.

A few days later, we trekked up to Old Forge in the heart of the Adirondacks to speak on a panel about cooking for my other lifestyle website, The Adirondack Chick. Then we went back to New Jersey/New York for my work and now we are back home in the Adirondacks.

Needless to say, I think Toby and I are both a little sick of the car this week, and my poor car, I think is a little sick of driving. And, since the weather is overcast, muggy and semi-rainy today, it’s a perfect day to curl up on the couch next to Toby and catch up on our writing. We have so many product reviews, and giveaway, coming up that I can’t even keep up with it.

Speaking of product reviews, today is the last day to enter to win Rachael Ray Nutrish Naturally Delish wet dog food! One of the nice things about this dog food is that you don’t need to completely change what you’re feeding your dog for them to enjoy it. Instead, just add a little to their regular kibble as a fun treat.

Also, if you missed it, I wrote about a new class aimed at single pet owners called “Finding the Pet Lover of Your Dreams.” It’s taught by pet expert Charlotte Reed, and was really a lot of fun to attend. She mixes fun with the seriousness of how hard it is to find someone these days.

Last but not least, I would appreciate it if you could help me. I’m trying to win an Iams Home for the Holidays-sponsored trip BarkWorld at the end of October. To enter, I had to write a post about how attending the conference would help me help pets. We are being judged not only on our posts, but also on the social efforts we use to promote our post. So, if you could help me by tweeting out the link to the post, along with the hashtag  #IH4tH2012  I would really appreciate it!

Here’s a sample tweet:  Tweeting to help @Toby_Pup win @barkworldexpo trip to learn more about helping pets. http://ow.ly/cU37y cc: @Iams #IH4tH2012

Now that I’ve told you about our crazy week, how was yours? What are you and your pet doing this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Dating, Winning and Driving

  1. Oh boy, you guys have been busy, haven't you?! It sounds like you guys had a good time though! Have a fab weekend!



    peess: OUR week: Ma has had a my-grain all week, our air conditioner went on the fritz, and I got the runs….yeah, fun!! BOL!

  2. I get the kid question a lot too…no doubt because I'm in my early 20s and married. I gave up explaining a long time ago and would just say "What kind do you mean? I have a furbaby." The variety of reactions is quite amusing.

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