Take Three: Toby and Jenks

They say the third time is the charm, and it seems to be somewhat true with Toby, and our friend Jen’s dog Jenks.

The first time they met Toby was on crate rest, so there was no playing. The second time was a Labor Day when I had some friends over. They basically ignored each other — although to Toby’s credit, his stomach wasn’t feeling to well.

This time, however, the two of them seem to be getting along pretty good!

They played ball this morning before breakfast on my front lawn:

And, they even hung out on the same bed together while I got ready:

Let’s hope the rest of the weekend goes as well!

7 thoughts on “Take Three: Toby and Jenks

  1. So a little update: They did really, really well together! They're not best friends, but they are finally acknowledging each other's existence — which is big progress from the last time. Jenks will be back in three weeks, because his mom is joining us and other friends for a local beer festival. Hopefully it will go just well, if not better!

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