Tolerating Dog Friends

Last weekend Jen and Jenks of Brown Dog Designs came to visit for the Labor Day weekend. The first time Toby met Jenks was earlier this year, while Toby was on crate rest, because he hurt his leg.

Toby, who usually loves yellow labs (along with golden retrievers), didn’t have an opportunity to really play with Jenks. So, I figured this time, Toby would be in heaven getting to run around the house and yard with a pal.

Not so much.

This photo is about how the four days we, along with two other friends, spent together: Toby giving me one of two looks — “mom, why won’t Jenks play with me” and “why is there another dog in this house taking the attention away from me?”

I should preface this by saying that Toby woke up Friday morning having a hard time walking and a bit lethargic. A “can you squeeze me in this morning” vet visit resulted in having his anal glands expressed, so Toby was overall not feeling the greatest to begin with. Plus, we drove home with one of our friends in a different car and Toby wasn’t in his crate. If there is one thing Toby is, he is a creature of habit. When something goes a little off of the semi-normal path, he does tend to get a flustered. 

Toby tolerated the situation by basically ignoring the fact that Jenks was there. It was actually pretty funny. But, also a little worrisome, because I would sometime in the future like to get another dog, and despite everyone telling me, this weekend did show that Toby might be very content with being an only dog.

Much of the time, all he wanted to do was go in my room and sleep on my bed. Even when we went to the dog beach, Toby just snuggled into the blankets and slept in the sun. Even the unusual amount of golden retrievers who kept running over to play and even sat with us at one point, could get Toby jazzed.

It was weird, although, as you can see in the video below he did look cute all cuddled in.

I was so embarrassed that he was being such a brat! How does your dog react when you have dog company over for a visit?

8 thoughts on “Tolerating Dog Friends

  1. Ahh — the life of a dog. Billy (the chihuahua) doesn't really care much for other dogs who visit. He will share his food and treats but not his toys. When we visit other dog(s) he will share his food and treats and steal their toys. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten home and found several toys buried under the blankets of his crate. We have considered getting another dog but he cries and jumps at my legs if, I hold anther dog or a baby. Spoiled, much? BTW — Billy is also a creature of habit and doesn't like things to change much. Maybe it's a chihuahua, thing?

  2. My yellow lab just looks at my dogs dad,who I dog sit now and then as if to say, " what is this and how long is it staying?". She does not even attempt to play with him… Just like your photo.:)

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