Dog Fun at the Lake George Tree Lighting

While I don’t always enjoy the family aspect of the holidays, {aka when are you going to get married? why did you buy a house so far away? you’re hair is too straight. you’re hair is too dark.} I do like the festivities! Scarves, hats, baking, lights, trees, wreaths and reindeer — love’em.

The downside is usually there are not as many dog-friendly activities for me to bring Toby with me to, because many of them are inside. But, yesterday’s Lake George Village Tree Lighting, was not only outdoors, but filled with other dogs! Unfortunately, Toby was not being very friendly and continuously barked at anyone who came within 5 feet of me, {he’s having some protective issues lately for some reason, but we’ll leave that for another post …}but overall it was really fun, and a great way to kick off the holiday season.

As with most things up here, immediately after the flip was switched and all the wired-up snowmen, trees, candles and stars were illuminated, the sky lighted up — with fireworks. The funny thing is, Toby kept barking at every little thing, and was easily the noisiest dog there, until the fireworks went off. Then, a bunch of other dogs started barking and Toby got completely quiet, and enjoyed the show.

Once they were over, everyone started taking family photos in front of the displays. I started taking photos of Toby. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dog Fun at the Lake George Tree Lighting

  1. SOO cute and festive!! I love that Toby enjoyed the fireworks! I'm planning to take my Gracy to our city's annual tree lighting friday..can't wait!! Happy Holidays. 🙂

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