So Much to Be Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

This year we have so much to be thankful for, with the first being that we have a blog to still write. It was a pretty close call back in June when our website site expired because of a Google glitch and we lost our domain. But, luckily it happened during BlogPaws and we were surrounded by some wonderfully supportive friends.

That brings me to the reason this blog, and my career in the pet industry, started — the little fella in the photo below. 

This year, more than any other, I am so thankful for Toby. Between constantly not knowing about my job status, freelancing, consulting, not feeling well and letting depression get the best of me, Toby was always a constant companion that I could count on to cheer me up. One snuggle, and although things weren’t really better, they seemed a little brighter.

Bob Vetere, the president of the American Pet Products Association, has a great theory that I’ve heard him say on a number of occasions on one of the reasons why the pet industry stayed so strong during the recession. The general idea is something like this: Pets are always there for us, even when things in other parts of our lives are not going great, so when we can we want to thank them {through good food, treats, toys and more} for being there for us.

It made me smile the first time I heard, and the more I’ve heard it repeated, the more I fully believe it. Because of him, I have had so many amazing experiences — especially this year.

We got to be part of the BlogPaws team that covered the Global Pet Expo, traveled to Topeka where we toured Hills, visited Nebraska to learn about Natura and went to Salt Lake City for BlogPaws. Arguably, what I should be the most thankful to Toby for is my new job.

I likely would have never gotten involved in the pet industry, if it weren’t for him. I realized that I could use my professional journalism and social marketing skills in a field that I truly loved, instead of just in the traditional financial, political or cable news world.

Of course, I am also thankful for a handful of friends who have been there to support me through this tough year. And, after the past month’s weather event — Hurricane Sandy — we are so appreciative of power and good luck. I can’t forget being super thankful for that. 😉

We hope all of you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day, and if you’re Black Friday shopping, don’t forget to pick up something for your furry friend. 🙂

4 thoughts on “So Much to Be Thankful For This Year

  1. Toby sure is someone to be thankful for! I am so glad that, although maybe tough, it has ended well. And, because of your furbaby. I like it.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!


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