Toby’s New Brother!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I’ve been riding horses since I was 9 months old. My aunt put me on one at that age, and after totally loving it, she went out and bought one.

Sundown was a huge part of my childhood, and started my love of these beautiful creatures. That’s me with my aunt and him in the photo to the right. He put up with so many little kid antics from me, and was always good natured about it.

While, he was an appaloosa, somehow I fell in love with the Clydesdale breed, and for the longest time, I have wanted one. A few years ago, I looked at leasing a horse at a stable in New Jersey. Things didn’t work out, but I still always look at the ads/Petfinder and see what options are out there.

Well, I’m excited to tell you that while Sir Richard is not a Clydesdale, he is a Belgian, which is still a pretty big horse, and is also Toby’s new “little” brother! Look at that face  — how adorable is he?!

I was so worried that something was going to go wrong that, I didn’t
want to even mention it, until I was sure everything would work out!


So, unfortunately, this will not be Toby’s brother, but I sure wish he was. This horse is seriously adorable, and is up for adoption at Animal Aid in Vermont. You can find information out about him by following this link.

However, everything other than adopting Sir Richard was true in this post. I have been riding for that long, although haven’t done that much of it in the past few years; I did look into leasing a horse and still do sometimes; I am very supersticious and wouldn’t tell anyone until it was done and my aunt really did buy Sundown when I was a baby after she put me on a horse and I loved it.

And, yes, as crazy as it sounds coming from someone who is 5-foot tall, I would absolutely love to own a Clydesdale, and one day I will.

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