Helping Clean

Some of you may have already seen this on our Facebook page, but this was Toby’s idea of helping me clean yesterday. 

To be fair, most of the day he was glued to my side, because it was the first full day I was home since vacation, and I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving again. I also kept finding a ton of toys for home, so I would give them to him to play with, he would destroy them in 10 minutes, I would take them away and then give him another one. He was absolutely pooped! 
Plus, he loves my pillow and I did put it on the floor for a minute, so I guess it was fair game for I’m to  take advantage. 
Even later at night he was so exhausted that he passed out on the couch and didn’t even beg for dinner. I had to wake him up to eat! 

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