It's Been a While

Well, the title of this post is most accurately true. It certainly has been a while since I wrote. In fact, it has been about about a year, if not more. 

While we still have a legion of dedicated followers on our Facebook page, I am not so sure how many are still actually following this blog. I hope, still a few. 
To catch you up, I took a position as the editor-in-chief of a pet industry trade publication almost exactly two years ago. At the same time, I thought it was not appropriate to continue writing My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much for a number of reasons, including it just becoming completely confusing for people. 
My professional life has always come first, and I love what I do, but as I will soon be sharing on my professional website, it was time to move on, and a new opportunity, outside the pet industry presented itself, and could not have been passed up. 
That said, the move, which will happen in about a week, has allowed me the opportunity to get back to  writing this blog and sharing the story of how this little pet-storeChihuahua, who brokle every rule for me when it came to getting my first dog, completely changed my life.   
People have asked if I will start endorsing, and writing about, products again. The truth is, I am not sure. The reason being, as people have found out that I am leaving my current position, they have asked me to consider consulting for them on a project basis in the future. And, should that happen, I do not want anyone to think this blog is a vehicle just to promote someone’s project. 
Instead, I would like this blog to go back to being the reason I started it in the first place — a creative outlet for me to talk about my life with my dog. A dog who has taught me so much about love, life, relationships, responsibility, goals and very honestly, myself. 
Without Toby, I am not sure where, or what, I would be doing right now. I would have never had the opportunity to work in the pet industry, which would mean that I would never have had the opportunity to be offered my new position either, which I am insanely excited to begin diving into. 
Those of you who know me well, know that I love learning new things, love being creative and am always up for a challenge. The past two years have taught me what I am good at, bad at and what I excel at. This new position truly taps into what I am good at, and without the past two years under my belt, I would have never known those things. 
So, I hope you will consider following this blog again. I don’t plan on having giveaways, or anything like that, but I do plan on writing from the heart and going back to telling the story of how a little 12-pound pet store dog changed my life forever. 
Oh, and of course … lots of cute Toby photos!! 🙂 

3 thoughts on “It's Been a While

  1. I like blogs that don't update regularly – then, when I see a new post, even if it's every few months, I feel the author was compelled to update and wasn't just blogging because they were driven by readership. I follow your blog – you don't have to keep a regular posting schedule or do giveaways. I just like your voice and Toby is cute. 🙂

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