Adding Another Four Paws to Our Family

If you follow me on Instagram, user name, mmaskaly, you may already know this, but if you don’t, our family has exanded by another four paws! 

Say hello to Maddux — a 4-month-old terrier mix, and Toby’s new little brother! 

We did a weekend trial, and they did really well together.

Maddux is in love with Toby. I mean like serriously in love. He wants to do everything Toby does and wants to be wherever Tooby is. If Toby jumps on the couch, Maddux needs to be with him. It is superr cute. 
While Toby is enjoying his new playmate, he still wants his alone time, and is not used to snuggling with anotherr dog. For example, the photo below, lasted about 10 minutes before toby jumped off the couch. But, that was progress, because at first Toby didn’t want to be bothered at all when they were that close. 

Last night, they were both exhausted, as was I, and the two of them were snuggled in under covers on the couch with me. They were laying butt-to-butt. 
I am totally in love with these two! 


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