Mickey Mouse Fun

I was in a pet store yesterday picking up two cans of wet food for Toby and Maddux when I walked past a clearance box filled with toys. 

In the past I never paid much attention to them, because Toby never really played with toys, but would instead just rip them apart. 
Since Maddux came aboard, Toby seems not to do that as much. Plus, Maddux seems to really like to play with them. 
One of the toys in the bin was a licensed Disney toy featuring Mickey Mouse! I had to get it for them, especially since Maddux is from Orlando aka the Mickey capital of the world. 

The two of them were hilarious. Check out these photos of them playing withe their new toy! 

4 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Fun

  1. They look like they had a blast! That last picture of Maddux and Mickey is so very sweet.

    I don't get stuffed toys for Elka; once there's a tear in them, getting the stuffing out is all she can think about. It's partially my fault, I think, from all those Kongs!

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