Growing up, my Mom’s dog Zookie was never allowed on the bed. Technically, she wasn’t allowed on the furniture either, but as she was well into her teens that changed, because my mom would let her sit with one of us. 

When I got Toby, I was still living full-time at my Dad’s and I’m not sure when it was allowed, but I’d say after a erg short amount of time Toby was allowed up on the couch — whether we were sitting on it or not. He was always slept in his crate until after he was neutered. It was about the same time he could sleep through the night, and that was when my bed became his.
With Maddux, he was pretty well crate-trained when I got him, and after two months with me, he is pretty well housebroken, too. Some accidents, but not many. The test for me was a week withou accidents while he was out and then we would try letting him sleep in bed with me and Toby. 
Well, that time was a few days ago. I was ridiculously nervous (is anyone surprised at that, really…lol) but everything seems to be going super well! 

They are still trying to figure out exactly how to sleep, but that’s fine. Toby usually sleeps curled in between my stomach and my chest, or leghnth wise wth his leg on my leg and his paws around it. 
The first night Maddux slept at my feet. It worked well. But then the second night, he had to touching me and Toby so he layed between my face and Toby’s butt. Last night, he curled in on the other side of Toby between him and my leg/stomach. 
I’m sure they will figure it out, but it’s going a lot better than I thought it would. I tried to document the milestone, but try photographing a black dog in a dark toon and on brown sheets. So, here’s my best shot…. 

For his part, Maddux has slept through the night and, it seems like, loves snuggling and sleeping in the bed. 
If you let your pets sleep with you, when did you start letting them?

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