Maddux's First Christmas

Christmas time wirth Toby is so much fun. He absolutely loves to open presents. So, this year, having two little dogs able to open presents made me super excited. 

It was also Maddux’s first Christmas, literally, not just with us. While Toby was born in December, we did not get him until April. Maddux, however, was born in June, so he got to celebrate his first Christmas with us. 
That is a lot of pressure! 
As you can see from the photos, I think he has lots of fun. I know his brother Toby did! 

There is really cute video of them opening their first presents on our Facebook page, too. At first Maddux had no clue what to do. Then, Toby would open the present and Maddux would take it and move it out of the way to go play with it. 
It was super cute. 
How was your Christmas? 

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