Maddux's First Sleepover and Hockey Game

Last night we went to visit my friend Jen and her dog, Jenks. Toby has been to her place before, but not Maddux. 

We took Maddux and Jenks to the Albany Deviil’s Pucks N’ Paws event, where the dogs can attend the hockey game, and proceeds go to support a local rescue group. It was so much fun! 

Not only was it fun, but it was also a good experience for Maddux. The more experiences he has as a puppy, the better. He was so good –sitting on my lap for the whole game, and going great in Jen’s car with Jenks. 

Speaking of Jenks, Maddux loves him. It was so cute to watch him want to play with him. At night, he even wanted to snuggle with him. 

It was also Maddux’s first sleep over. I really did not realize this fact until after him, Toby and I were driving to Jen’s. While he has been doing pretty well at home and my Dad’s, he is still  6-month-old puppy. 
He did fabulous! Going to Jen’s was like second nature to him. He quickly adjusted to her place and made himself totally comfortable. 

Although I did crate him when we went out to dinner and breakfast, he was out with us the rest of the time, and had no accidents and did grerat. 
It likely helped that Toby was with him at Jen’s and that e had previously met both of them, but I was still prretty impressed at how chill he was. 

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