Dog Training: Tricks Training

We spent the majority of yesterday — five hours to be exact — at the local kennel club at a tricks class. 

What a ball! But, also a lot of work. I know my brain hurt by the end, and I am pretty sure Maddux felt the same way. 

He is used to being around a lot of people, but he has a new habit of wanting to bark at everyone, and every dog, he meets, because he wants to play and get their attention. 
It is habit, we really need to break. And, quickly. 
The class itself was great, even for a beginner like me. There were a lot of experienced dog trainers and hobbiests in the class, and Maddux was by-far the youngest and I was by-far the least experienced. 
We started with simple things like touch, targeting and praising them, and then moved on to harder things. She also made us use clickers, which while I know about, I have never used. 
The good part? The trainers all said Maddux will be wonderful for teaching tricks, because he is smart, is a dog that always needs something to do and is super smart. 
The bad part? I was getting just as confused as he was with what to do. So, I need to work on my training. It is something I never did with Toby, or our dog growing up. 
So, this sure is going to be an adventure. 
I didn’t get to take a lot of photos, but I did get pictures of this….

Done laughing yet? Go ahead and take a few minutes to get it out of your system. 
Yes, I know it is pretty funny, so let me explain. The goal of the trick was to have them sit and then throw rings around their neck. Well, once Maddux got comfortable with the rings, he wanted to put this whole body through the ring, and wear it like a dog tutu. 
It was very funny.
Do you work with your dogs on tricks? Any tips or advice? 

2 thoughts on “Dog Training: Tricks Training

  1. BOL!!!! OMD, Maddux, that is one PAWSOME trick!! Hey, I used to bark at peeps all the time! I don't do that anymores (unless they're on rollerblades…then they gets the whole Airedale barrage!), butts I do still bark at puppers…ALL the time! Drives Ma nuts. We've had trainerS (yes, more than one! looong story for another time). So Ma can't gives you any advice on that. Butts, the tutu…FABulous! Though, maybe try two at a time…I thinks that's more IN this Spring!
    Ruby ♥

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