My Stomach Bug Nurses

What a week!

Things started out excellent. A fun Easter on Sunday and then took the day off Monday to attend Yankees Opening Day. 
That afternoon things started to go downhill. At first I really didn’t think anything of the slight headache and slightly upset tummy I had on Monday afternoon, but that evening chills and more started. 
Yup, I had the dreaded stomach bug that was going around. My Dad had it for four days, and stayed in NJ to take care of him, and we learned later that he likely caught it from my mom at the nursing home. Both of whom, I was around for the past week.
The timing with work was horrible. Like really, really horrible. So on top of feeling crappy from the stomach bug, I was feeling terrible for having to miss two days of important meetings. 
I finally started to feel somewhat better Thursday evening, and just started to eat a little again yesterday. Yes, the good side effect was losing about 8 pounds, but still, it wasn’t exactly the way I would want to do it.
Through it all, these two bugs were by my side the whole time. 

When they weren’t snuggled with me under the covers, they would take turns sitting with me while I worked. 

This is pretty normal for Toby. I get the least bit upset about anything and he immediately clings to me, but this was the first time I have been really sick, sick since getting Maddux. 
They were both so cute and comforting, and given how miserable I was feeling and upset I was about work, the comforting was much needed. 
How do your dogs act when you are sick? 

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