Silly Dogs

My (Non) Protective Dogs

Let’s start by explaining that Toby barks at everything, and I mean everything. The mail truck outside, the dog across the street, if you bang a dish too hard. Seriously everything. It is one of the reasons I am working with a private trainer for him.

Long story short, I finally decided on how I wanted to landscape the new flower garden I want to put in, so my Dad decided he would come up and help me. He wasn’t leaving New Jersey until super late and was expected to arrive about 3 a.m. I knew this was going to set Toby off, so I kept my bed room door open and was prepared to get up and deal with it.

Well, my Dad opened the garage door, came in the house, unloaded his car, put away some items in the fridge and put his bag down in his room, and that’s when Toby and Maddux decided maybe they should get up from under the covers and give a half-hearted bark.

Really, boys? So much for a protection! And, then, they did a repeat performance this afternoon when this happened:

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