Dog Behavior

Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

I had to go get my car inspected before work yesterday. I put Maddux in his crate, because I wasn’t 100 percent how long I would be gone and I don’t 100 percent trust him yet. 

This is what I found when I got back. 


He chewed a pretty nice hole in his crate mat. The funny part, if there is one here, is that he didn’t destroy the whole thing, just the actual foam. And, he did it through the opening that is there so you can wash it. 

I’m not as worried about the crate mat as I am about what this means. Was he board, or was it the beginning of separation anxiety? 

They both spend a lot of time with me now that I work remotely, and while I have always been concious that this could occur, I am going to be extra diligent. 

I’ll soon put together a list of tips, so if you are going through this, too, maybe it will help. 

Has your dog ever experienced separation anxiety? What did you do to help it? 

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