More Puppy Firsts: The Emergency Vet Clinic

Yesterday I wrote about all the fun “firsts” Maddux had yesterday — Americade, eating at a restaurant, the dog park. Little did I now less than 24 hours later he would have another first — the emergency vet clinic. 

Before I go any further, he seems to be doing well for now and we will know more tomorrow, but here is what happened. 

Let’s go back a month ago. The first weekend of May to be exact. I went on a fun sorority trip to our national headquarters in Virginia to celebrate the anniversary of the Mabel Lee Walton House. 

While there, my dad, who was watching boys, sent me this photo. 

The damage courtesy of Maddux. Toby was a chewer and destroyed everything so I am used to that. The difference, however is that Toby never usually ate what he chewed up. Maddux does. 

My dad couldn’t find any of the pieces, but j wasn’t too worried since he seemed to be acting fine and was pooping out the pieces. 

Fast forward just over a month, and we spent a large portion of our morning here. 

I woke up this mornjng by feeling dog puke on my leg and a hacking Maddux. I was half awake so it took me a second to realize what was going on, because he threw up — still under the covers — and then just curled right back up, still under the covers but near my stomach instead of my legs where he was originally. 

What were those multiple pieces of hard stuff in his puke? Oh my gosh, it was the blue and orange ball he chewed up a month ago. Can’t be. Too weird. 

After cleaning up and taking them out. We lied back down but on the couch. About 20 minutes later, happened again. His time I was able to get him off the couch fast enough, and yup, there were thre pieces. 

I decided it was too weird and worried of a blockage, so I knew it was going to be expensive, but I took him to the 24-hour vet clinic about 15 minutes away. 

Mind you, this whole time he is running around, ran right into the vet’s office, is acting totally normal. We were even practicing obedience and “paw” in the vets office to keep him destructed.  The vet looked at him and didn’t feel anything, plus he was acting totally normal. 

I asked to do an X-ray anyway, just to play it safe. Sure enough, he had something in his stomach and had some gastro intestinal upset. They recommended either keeping him until tomorrow for observation and letting my vet do surgery Monday, or doing surgery there. 

Since it wasn’t life threatening, I decided to take copies of the X-rays, drive to New Jersey and have our regular vet look at him first thing in the morning.

I drove with him in the front seat so I could keep an eye on him. 

He was totally normal and all night he has been fine. So, we will see what the vet says tomorrow. 


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