My Tortoises Are Feeding My Plant Addiction

As some of you know, Toby and Maddux have other siblings. They, too have four legs. But, instead of fur, they have shells. 

I’ve always enjoyed turtles and tortoises. Like, most of my “likes” in life, I blame my aunt for getting me hooked. Same goes for my plant obsession, which in this case is manifested by my the four little baby tortoises I have. 

Let me explain. There are a lot of plants that the tortoises can eat. So, in an effort to make sure these guys have a healthy and varied diet, I am growing — and buying up — a wide variety of the ones they like to eat. 

It doesn’t hurt that one of the cactus they like to eat, I also just happened to really like. One might say, I am, a little obsessed.


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