Puppy’s First Americade, Outdoor Restaurant

Toby is a seasoned pro when it comes to Americade, a week-long huge motorcycle rally that bring people from all over the world to my little piece of the Adirondacks.

For as scared of everything Toby is, he loves Americade — the motorcycles, the people, the fireworks, the parade. Maybe because the first year I got my house I put him in a little Harley muscle shirt and took him into town and everyone went nuts over him. He is a bit of an attention whore. The parade is the only day of the year I willingly put my dogs in silly outfits.

Maddux, however, this was his first year.

Like Toby’s experience, I wanted Maddux’s to be positive, too, and I wanted him to get used to all the people, fireworks and noise. So, Friday night the three of us walked up my street and sat in front of a very busy restaurant, just far enough away from the fireworks, but also close enough to all the excitement.

Armed with treats to make the experience even more positive, Maddux did great. He could have cared less about all the commotion. He let people come up to him and pet him, and over all was excellent. So was Toby.

On Saturday, usually one of my favorite days of the year here, just because of all the neatly decorated bikes who parade up and down the main street in the morning as part of an organized parade, we plopped ourselves on a bench at the park and waited for the parade to start.

Keeping with tradition, I dressed the boys in matching Bret Michaels hoodies given to me several years ago during BlogPaws at a special PetSmart lunch. Paired that with my Orange County Choppers leash Toby picked out when we visited their headquarters.

It was perfect! Tons of complements and people wanting to stop and say hello.


 Since things were going to well, and the fact it was almost lunch time and I was starving, I decided to try to find a place to eat breakfast. I’ve eaten with Toby numerous times, but eating with two dogs, not so much.

I settled on a place with two outdoor areas, one populated with lots of people and the other portion with no one there. Since I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, I picked the area with no one there. It took Maddux a little bit, but he followed Toby’s lead and was very chill. At one point he even lied down on the ground.The only problem we had was when another dog walked past, they both went nuts barking and wanting to play.


They were so good that I decided it was time to join the local dog park. Yes, the only dog park near where I live is part of a pet store that you have to join. I think it’s a fabulous idea and am so excited about it, especially since there is no fenced dog park anywhere near me.

As soon as I unhooked their collars, Maddux immediately ran to the agility equipment and ran through the tunnels and over the jump. This dog was made for the sport. I cannot wait to begin training with him this week!




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