Puppy’s Stomach Surgery Aftercare

Maddux is home! Believe it, or not, I think I am more nervous now than I was when he was at the vet’s office.

He has pills to take twice a day, and has to eat 3-4 small meals of wet food a day for about 5 days. I think I bought out PetSmart today of his favorite ones, as well as Toby’s.

Not being able to jump, or really be active, is going to be the challenge. Maddux is super active usually, and it’s nothing for him to jump from the couch to the chair to the other couch, or pretty much anywhere. It is why I think he will be really good at agility.

Speaking of agility, remember those agility, rally and obedience classes I signed him up for starting this week? Well, he clearly cannot do them. We have the option of postponing the agility and rally or jumping into the class after he gets his stitches out which is in two weeks.

To ease the worry about him jumping all over and over doing it. He will be spending most of the time in his crate, which by the way is why crate training them to and making sure they feel safe in secure in their crate is so important!

However, the vet did say he could sit on the couch with me, as long as he doesn’t jump up, or down. So, we are did that for a little bit last night.

I am trying to make it as close to their version of normal as possible. So, I made sure to feed them near each other, and when i had to give Maddux his meds, I gave Toby his functional treat that also helps his legs.


In case you are curious, this is what they removed from his tummy. Poor thing! Those are some pretty big pieces and he had already previously pooped some and threw up pieces, too.

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