Sleepover at the Shelter Rescue Awareness Event

I get a lot of press releases. This one, however, stood out. I mean, how cool is this?!

“On June 12, BAF [Bark Avenue Foundation] in partnership with Shelter Me, and the Downey Animal Care Center, will host Sleepover at the Shelter, a unique 24 hour event to raise awareness of shelter pets and funds for spay/neuter. Volunteers will spend 24 hours in the shelter “kennels” interacting with dogs and promoting the shelter via webcams and social media. The event will culminate with a Super Adoption event on Saturday, June 13 with reduced adoption fees and special gifts for adopters from our corporate sponsors.

This unique event is intended to use the power of social media to increase awareness of shelter pets and the need for spay/neuter. As a top animal blogger, your coverage of this event can help to achieve this goal.

 This event begins at 11:00am on Friday, June 12. Sleepover guests include Actor Lou Wegner, Survivor Contestant Rob Cesternino, Comedienne Aubrey Sweeney, and Los Angeles Weatherman Garth Kemp from ABC7 News.”

Pretty neat, right?! I wish it were closer to me so I could participate. Rescues, how fun would this be to do?


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