Fourth of July Dogs: Fireworks and Beer

I would not suggest this, but I bribed Toby yesterday. I also don’t recommend using what I bribed him with — a trip to the brewery.

Not usually bothered by fireworks, Toby is bothered by tourists. Well, more like mobs of people who are standing four or five deep on the shore of the lake. He was not a happy camper walking down to the lake — something we do almost everyday and something he loves.

It must have sounded ridiculous, but when I couldn’t get him to continue walking, I finally told him, “look, if you are good and walk with us to the lake, we will stop at the brewery on the way home if they are open.”

He was a perfect gentleman after that.

A pro at lake-side fireworks, Toby sat in my lap and Maddux sat in front of me while we watched the show. Well, most of the show. It was so crowded that I was getting annoyed more than Toby so we got up and watched from much further away.



Since he was good, I kept my promise and took him to the brewery. Not to drink beer, but to socialize. He has been going there since he was a puppy and loves the place, because he usually gets tons of attention.

Last night was no different. It took me over an hour to drink my one pint of beer, because everyone from little kids to the waitress wanted to talk about and with Toby and Maddux. In fact, two very nice women were sitting next to us and even sat at our table for a bit so the could give some love to Maddux and Toby.

How was your Fourth of July?

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