Lake George Dog Beach Dogs 

The dogs and I spent this absolutely beautiful afternoon at the Lake George dog beach. 

There is a push to possibly close it, which I am clearly 100 percent against. Before the state makes any decision, they should spend a Saturday or holiday there. 

Dogs of all sizes running, jumping and swimming in the lake. Happy dogs. Really happy dogs. 

Some were sprawled out on the beach by their owners, while other played ball. It made me happy to see them. Why would you take that away from them? 

And don’t even get me started on the tourism impact a pet-friendly beach brings in a $60 billion pet industry. 

As for Toby and Maddux, they could not have had a better afternoon. Toby has been to that beach with me numerous times, but it was only Maddux’s second time and his first during the summer.


I mean, seriously, would you want to tell those dogs they couldn’t come to the beach anymore? 

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