Peeing With Your Dog 

When I write peeing with your dog, I don’t mean out in the yard with them, or when they like to come into the bathroom with you, what I am talking about is when you’re out someplace, just you and them, and you need to use a restroom. 

What do you do? 

Most times I can find a rest area or will stop at a store and run in, while they wait in the car, but twice in the past week, I have been in situations where neither of those things were possible. 

I had taken Toby into a restroom at the beach with me once and it was interesting, but it worked. Two dogs, however, I wasn’t so sure about that.

First the looks we got were, well, very interesting. You could see the disapproval on my many people’s face, except for the mom who was juggling three kids, including a baby in a stroller, alone. I think she had some sympathy.

The single stall was a bit hard because trying to keep them in that little space was not going well. 

The second time I did it I went into a larger one and made them both “sit and stay.” Maddux listened well, but Toby wanted out ASAP. 

Putting their leash on the hanger where you would put your purse was actually a big help. 

Have you ever peed with your dog? Any tips? 

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