Maddux’s First Agility Classes

For the longest time I have wanted to do agility. Toby couldn’t do it because of his knees, so when I decided to get a second dog, I really wanted one that might be interested in agility.

The day I took Maddux home, he was running through a tunnel and running up ramps. We had a feeling he would be a natural.

A little more than a year later, he is a natural. Well, mostly.

We started taking classes a few weeks ago, and Maddux did great in the beginning. He loves jumps and tunnels, the table and the A-frame. He even does the tire well when told to go through that.

The dog walk, the teeter and the weaves, well that’s another story. Oh, and lets talk about the zoomies.
 The past two classes he has just wanted to run the course himself without listening to me telling him where to go. And, the dog walk, we need meatballs to get him to walk it. The teeter, he did OK with but was super scared and nervous.

During out last class we did the dog walk continuously to the point where he would do it without too many issues.

Agility has been a lot of fun, for both of us. But, I have to be honest – sometimes I get frustrated, and feel like one of those “parents” pushing their “child” to do their best.

I do hope to compete with him someday, but I think that might be far off. My Dad came to the most recent class and took some video of us on the course. Hope you enjoy them, because it is pretty cute to watch the Maddux boy running the course. He really does love it.

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