What We’ve Been Up To

If you follow us on Facebook, or me on Instagram, you know a lot of what we’ve been up to, but if not here is a little of what’s been happening. 
A year ago, we moved to upstate New York full time, when I started working for a company in Chicago. It meant adjusting to a new place and people, which we are still struggling with. 


We joined a local dog park, as well as our local Kennel Club. Through the Kennel Club, we’ve been taking obedience class, and Maddux is starting agility. We’ve also been trying out Barn Hunt. My goal is compete with Maddux, especially with agility. I’m also hoping to maybe do obedience with Toby. 


During the summer, Toby and Maddux enjoyed lots of walks and beach time at the lake. 
And, of course lots and lots of snuggeling, and naps …..


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