A (New) Normal Saturday

Yesterday was similar to many Spring Saturdays Toby and I spent in the Adirondacks, even before we lived here full-time and would go back and forth on weekends.

We woke up shortly before 7 a.m., went out for a quick walk, came back in, he had his breakfast and then went back to bed for a little while. The second time we got up, the gas leak I suspected the night before, I was now sure was pretty accurate, so I called National Grid and we waited for them to come out. (This happened last year, too believe it or not.)

After breakfast, and soaking the tortoises, we spent the rest of the afternoon on the front porch. Me doing work, and the puppies laying stretched out in the sun. We even played ball on the front lawn. (I posted a video of it on Instagram and this link should work without having to open the app)

But, it wasn’t normal.

We stayed in bed snuggled a lot longer. I was cutting pills and putting them in liverwurst before I even had coffee and breakfast was more like lunch at noon, because of all that.

As we were sitting on the porch with the warm sun hitting us, I couldn’t help but wonder how many more times we would have like this. I wish for many, but I am also realistic, so I am enjoying every moment.

It may sound ridiculous, but Toby is my everything. He has been there through every good and bad thing the past eight years. He really has provided unconditional love. I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends if it weren’t for him and I wouldn’t have be where I am professionally if it weren’t for him either. He has taught me so much.

I really am trying to stay positive, and hope for the best. Toby is a little fighter and I know he is doing the best he can. He’s been strong for me for eight years and now, I have to be strong for him.

Since I bought my house, a year and a month after I got him, Toby has always loved to lie on the front porch in the sun. Sometimes he barks at the neighbors, sometimes he sleeps. And, we always play a little ball on the front lawn.

It was the perfect day yesterday for all of that. After everything that has been going on, I think we both needed it.

As the sun moved, so did the puppies. Everyone kept commenting yesterday about Toby not having a bed. No matter what kind of bed I got him, he never wanted to lie on one while on the porch.

Of course, yesterday, in typical Toby fashion, he made a liar out of me and when we moved to the back porch, because there was more sun, he curled right in.

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