Car Rides, Outdoor Days and Pet Fest

Almost immediately after Toby’s second chemo treatment, my aunt from Virginia came to visit with her two dogs and we took Toby, Maddux and everyone else up to the lake for the weekend. 

He didn’t get to play with his relatives, but he did have a super spoiled weekend of treats and love. 

Toby loved riding in my aunt’s truck because he could see everything that was going on!


Maddux did get to finally hang out with one of the dogs for a bit, but his barking and terrier attitude did get a little much. It’s definitely something we need to work on. 


The weather was good for most of the week, so both Toby and Maddux got a lot of time on the porch. These two love the sun and being outside. 


Maddux also got a decent number of morning walks in because of the good weather. 

We also practiced his “down stays” by the lake and his reaction to other dogs, which lately has been not the greatest. He barks and barks and the hair goes up on the back of his neck. 


Toby finished up his prednisone this week, too. So now, it’s a waiting game. We wait to see if the lymph nodes swell again. Fingers are crossed. 

He had several accidents overnight in my bedroom this week, but I think that might have been because he just too many treats and too much excitement over the weekend. 

His constant begging for food has subsided, although his new thing is to get me up at 5:30 am to eat even though I give him a  treat before bed. He’s been way more snuggly, like he used to be and seems to be acting pretty normal. 

He still can’t go anywhere public because of the chemo, so on Saturday only Maddux came with me to help out at the kennel club’s booth at a local pet event called Pet Fest.

Maddux had such a good time eating treats, getting attention, barking and was exhausted by the end. He literally couldn’t keep his eyes open! 

This week the pups will be at my dad’s because I’m going on another business trip, but then I’ll be home and off for the three day weekend. 

On a side note, I’ve really been enjoying writing this blog again. I don’t have google analytics set up, I’m not doing sponsored post and I’m just writing when I feel like it. And, it’s been very therapeutic for me. And, fun. It wasn’t any of those things for a long time.  

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