Kisses Before Chemo

Week three with canine lymphoma meant it was time for Toby’s second chemo treatment.

This was his visit summary:

“Toby presented for a recheck examination of his lymphoma. Toby has done well since his first chemotherapy treatment 3 weeks ago. On examination today, Toby’s lymph nodes are all palpate normally.”


Excellent news to say the least. Our oncologist seemed to be positive about it all and said Toby seemed to be responding well. This week he goes down to a half of a prednisone pill every other day for 5 days and then he is off of it completely.

This makes the next three weeks until his next chemo treatment very important. The lymphoma got a one-two punch with both the prednisone and the chemo, and hopefully when we stop the prednisone and just do the chemo Toby will continue to respond well.

Chemo days always make me a little nervous, since just because he did well the last time, it doesn’t mean he will this time, too. Yes, he is acting well, but they have to still take his blood and make sure all the counts are where they need to be so he can do the treatment.

Then, he still needs to go through the treatment and not give them a hard time with the needles. They said that this time, he did a little, which could have been because of the prednisone or that he is feeling better than last time. I think it’s a combination of both.

So, of course he always gets lost of kisses before his chemo treatment.

And, since this time I was prepared, I gave him an antler after, which he may have liked more than the kisses before. I wanted to try to make it a special thing for him. He was so sleepy immediately after that he took the antler and laid down on it. But, after about 15 minutes he was ready to sit on my lap and chew it.


It’s sort of ironic. Toby isn’t allowed to go anywhere he can be around other dogs for fear of him catching something since his immune system is compromised because of the chemo. But, he is in the vet clinic with a done of other sick dogs.

As soon as he saw my Dad walk in, all he wanted to do was sit with him. So, I let him. Until a bunch of other dogs came in and then he started barking and stressing. I immediately brought him outside to keep him calm for his treatment, and it seemed to help. He was super interested in the flowers on the bench behind us for some reason. It made for some cute photos.


I have been spending a lot of time with him, and a lot of time outside. I am beyond grateful that I have a job where I work remotely most of the time. It has given me the chance to spend more time with Toby that I wouldn’t have had. Yes, I am still working, but at least he can be at my feet, or curled up on my lap. I even sometimes put his bed on my desk and let him sleep.

His hunger was really crazy because of the prednisone, so on the suggestion of a reader, which I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of previously, because I used to do it for him a lot, we stuffed a KONG with peanut butter and apple and string beans, froze it and let him play. I even would sometimes just do peanut butter.

You may be asking what about Maddux? He is so patient with Toby and doesn’t even bother him when he is  playing with the KONG. Although that might be more because Maddux just stares at the KONG and doesn’t know what to do with it. Either way, in this situation, it works well.

Here are a few more pictures from the past week!


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  1. So happy for you & Toby!!!! Great news!!! Keeping all of our paws & fingers crossed….and sending lots of love & hugs!!

    Jenifer & Jenks

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