Maddux Love

Oh, Maddux.

I find myself saying that so much. He’s not the brightest bulb in box sometimes, but he sure is a lovable one.

Having grown up with a parent and grandparents who were chronically ill, I know all too well what it’s like to not be able to do something because of someone else. (goodbye Girl Scouts, dance class and cheerleading)

So one of my first questions when the oncologist told me that Toby couldn’t be in places where other dogs were – no dog beach, pet store, dog park and to even be careful at rest stops on the drive from upstate New York to appointments in New Jersey – was what about Maddux?

I explained that I have Maddux in obedience and agility, and asked if that was OK for him to still do. Also, he not only loves, but needs to go for walks to burn off energy. Could we still do these things?

The answer was yes, as long as we don’t hear of any specific canine cough or something similar that Maddux could possibly catch and then bring back to Toby.

As a result of all this, I am consciously making an effort that while I am catering to Toby’s every need, I also don’t want Maddux to feel neglected.

Saturday we went for a long walk, which sometimes we do without Toby anyway because his knees are bad and he can’t do that long distance anymore usually. We also did our first-of-the-season happy hour by the lake on our dog walk, which we did a few times last year.

There is a dog-friendly restaurant with an outdoor patio that sits right on the lake, and is perfect for practicing his dining skills.

Then, we went for a walk near the beach and just sat on a chair in the village and watched the town go by. He was for the most part good, minus barking and carrying on at every dog that went past. But, overall, I think he had a good time.


I’m looking forward to more days like that – although maybe a little less cold. I may have been pushing the whole “summer is here” thing.


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