Our Second Week with Cancer

It seems longer than two weeks since Toby’s diagnosis. But, sometimes it also seems like yesterday.

The good news, Toby seems to be doing great.

Last week he went from a whole prednisone pill twice a day down to a half twice a day, and as we come up on the third week he is down to half a pill once a day. He has his second chemo treatment on Friday.

We were back home in our own house this past week, which I think helped all of us, too. It was nice to snuggle in our own bed, make breakfast on our own stove and cuddle on our own couch.

His glands are (knock on wood) still down and not enlarged like they were, which is a good sign. For the most part he is acting pretty normal. You would never know there was anything wrong with him.

He is, however, drinking a lot of water, has had a few accidents in the house, and is always hungry. This happens especially at night. No matter what I give him, he is always begging for more of anything.  I’ve started giving him cut green beans as a treat so he doesn’t gain weight.

Sometimes he gets frustrated with me because I won’t give him food when he’s begging, so he will go lie in his bed and pout.

But, overall he is doing awesome. Fingers crossed the oncologist thinks the same when we see him on Friday.


10 thoughts on “Our Second Week with Cancer

  1. It’s the Prednisone that is making him eat and drink more. Surprised the vet didn’t tell you that was a side effect. Glad he is doing good. ?

    1. Yes, great point! And, I should have included that in the post. (that it was from the prednisone)

  2. I’m so glad Toby is doing well. Watson, Roger, and I are all rooting for a full recovery!

  3. Yeah Toby!!!! Kick Cancer’s Butt!!!

    Lots of love to you all, Toby, Maddux & Michelle

    Love, Jenifer & Jenks

  4. That sweet face!! So glad it’s going well, dear Toby! You look as darling and handsome as ever! 😉

    Prednisone is tough, with the hunger and thirst. One thing that worked for us is freezing something healthy, like a Kong stuffed with yogurt, that takes forever to get through. It serves as more of a distraction (and certainly doesn’t help with the accidents), but sometimes a distraction is all you need…

    1. Good idea with the Kong! I put treats in “puzzles” but he goes through that pretty quick. I’m going to try the frozen Kong. Plus, Maddux doesn’t like Kongs, so he should leave Toby alone with it. Thanks! 🙂

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