Four Chemo Treatments Down, One to Go

“You couldn’t ask for anything more from a lymphoma dog.”

That’s what Toby’s oncologist had to say during today’s visit. It was his fourth treatment and the doctor could not be more please with the way Toby is responding.

His lymphnodes are down, his blood counts are great and he even gained a pound, which the doctor said was a good sign. Also good? It took three of them to give this little 13-pound dog his chemo treatment today because he was so fussy. Another sign that Toby is feeling like his old self again.

While I am super excited, another part of me is insanely nervous and cautious. I know the success rate for the protocol we picked is 70 percent. I am 100 percent scared to death that a few weeks after his last chemo treatment, the lymphoma is going to come back.

The doctor said it’s always a possibility, but that Toby is doing well right now. Once he is done with his last treatment in three weeks, he will have to wait another two weeks and then it’s business as usual. He can kayak, go to doggie day care, take walks by the lake. Basically, he can do everything he normally would. We will have to be on the lookout for any swelling, and they ask that he goes back to them every four to six weeks so they can check him as well.

This treatment he got a purple bandage, which is special to me since that is my sorority color. I thought it was a super cute, and ironic since I just got back from their national convention.

As always, Toby got a special treat after his treatment tonight. His Aunt sent him a whole bunch of cannoli. Toby absolutely loves doggie cannolis. He was a very happy puppy.


If it works, here is a Facebook Live video we shot in the car after his treatment. I’m having trouble with the technical part of the plugin for this, so it if doesn’t work, you can view the video by clicking this link.

Toby chemo update

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