Maddux’s 2nd Birthday 

We celebrated Maddux’s 2nd birthday yesterday with pupcakes and lots of snuggles.

I have two thoughts about his birthday. He’s only two? It feels like I’ve had him for years. And, oh my gosh it’s been two years already, where has time gone?

Completely different thought, I know, but that’s how my brain works.

He’s starting to really become comfortable with himself now. He’s more snuggly, loving and trusting. This only started in the last few months. And, our weekly obedience training is finally starting to pay off, I think. And, as soon as I get a job again, we will be back in agility classes, because he really loved them this winter.

Maddux got lots of belly rubs yesterday.

And, enjoyed some porch time before it started raining.

But, the pupcakes were by far his favorite. He totally knows the word and was bouncing around like a crazy dog while I was making them. It cracked me up that he came running everytime I opened the oven to check on them.

“Mom, I  want another pupcake!”

Toby and Maddux were adorable when we let them at the pupcakes. Maddux made a mess everywhere while Toby mostly ate it right off the plate.


I think Maddux had a pretty good birthday.

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