Mornings With Maddux: Nature Preserve

They built a new nature preserve within walking distance of me. In fact, we pass it on our daily walks. But up until recently, there was always barriers across. 

I had walked through previously, but it was Maddux’s first time, and it was slightly hilarious. 


When my aunt came to visit, she immediately noticed how much personality Maddux has. He really is a pretty funny dog. He has almost no fear jumping and running and bouncing off the walls, literally, but sometimes, he gets a little freaked out by things. 

And, apparently frogs are one of those things. We started to walk around one of the ponds and all of a sudden Maddux jumped in the air and quickly looked around. The frogs had gotten pretty loud and it completely freaked him out! 

I couldn’t stop laughing. He just froze. 

He was super interested in leaning over the bridges as far as he could to see what was there. 

He would look down and then look up at me. It was pretty cute. 


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