The Battle for the Dog Sling

Eight years!

Eight years I’ve been trying to get this dog to use a sling or backpack because of his bad knees. Now, all of a sudden, he has decided this sling – which I bought for Maddux, when he hurt his foot – he loves. And, I mean loves.

Last week when I first put him in it, he wanted nothing to do with it. He actually tried to chew the straps. Then when my Dad was here on Saturday, I put Maddux in it to show my Dad how cute he looked and all of a sudden Toby was interested. I tried him in it again. This time, we made a big fuss over how cute he looked in it. Despite being looking uncomfortable, he stayed in it. I took advantage of this and walked up and down my street with him in it while telling him how adorable he was. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy.

Sunday morning I decided to try it again. Toby got perfectly snuggled in and he cooked breakfast with me, fed both the tortoises and birds, and even washed dishes with me.

As you can see, he even took a little nap.

Being eye-level with the counter, was very appealing to him.


This morning I decided to push my luck, and try it again with him. Well, the joke was on me, because he stayed like that for about two hours while I did chores. I shot a video, did laundry, cleaned, wrote emails. He even got his morning pill while in the sling.

Never did I ever think Toby would like a sling. Do you know how many more places he could have come with me if he did this years ago?!

At one point I was holding Maddux in my arms and Toby in the sling. My aunt thinks I should get another sling and put it across the opposite shoulder so they can both be in a sling. That might be pushing it too far, but they do both love the product and get jealous when the other one is in it.

I have to admit, they both are adorable in it.

In case you’re wondering the sling is made by Good2Go, and I purchased it at Petco. I think they need to pay me, or send me a few more for all this free advertising. Ha!

Here is a short little video I took yesterday of him in the sling.

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