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Dog vs. Hard Roll 

There seems to be a lot of food related posts lately, but as you know, Toby gets what Toby wants.

Another thing Toby has always loved is a hard roll. Since he was a little puppy as soon as the bag from the bakery came in the door, he would go bonkers. My Dad got him in a bad habit of getting a small piece in the mornings.

Last week, I took him with me to run some errands that he wouldn’t have to get out of the car for, like getting gas and going to the dump to drop off the trash. There was a bakery next to the gas station I went to, so I decided it would be cute to get him a roll, video him getting excited and then I would give him a small piece, and I would have the rest later.

Well, Toby had a different plan.

My crazy little boy did get excited and it made for a very cute video. But, then as I was closing the bad and put it down, Toby pawed at the bag and before I could grab him, or it, Toby was diving head first into it.

Have you ever watched the TV show “UnReal”? One of their producer moments was the moment I was having. I was thinking, “I really should stop this, but let me grab my camera first, because this would make great video.”

So, that’s what I did.

In the end he only got about half the roll, and as you will see, it will made for a cute video.




Afterward, he was incredibly proud of himself.

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