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I Love Dogs Cake for People

I love baking and cooking, but I hate spending hours and hours decorating. So, I tend to like simple, but cute creations.

Lately, one of my go-to cakes are ones where I can use chocolate chips instead of icing to write on them. It’s a little different and easy to correct if you make a mistake.

The one below is a cake I made for my veterinarian’s office after the whole Maddux chewing gum incident, and the other is one I made for a bake sale at my local kennel club. Both got great responses on social media, along with questions about how I made it.

It’s super easy.


Bake your favorite cake mix in two 9-inch pans. Once they are cool, I like to let them sit overnight, generously ice the top of one and then place the other cake on top. Frost the top of the next one, and the sides, if you want. There seems to be a trend not to frost the sides, so I have done it both ways.

Then, using chocolate chips the opposite color of the frosting, spell out whatever you want to say.

Super easy, and fun!

Enjoy 🙂

ps – if you want to see more of what I cook and bake, check out my other lifestyle blog, Life’s Always An Adventure!

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