Mornings With Maddux: Evening Edition

It got crazy hot last week. So much so, that I couldn’t take Maddux for our normal walk, because the pavement was too hot. By Friday the heat and humidity was gone, but so was the sun.

With the sky looking like it was going to rain all day, I finally took him in the afternoon for a walk and to the beach. I wish I could say it was just because of the weather, but the whole unemployment thing has gotten me a little down and I really didn’t feel like getting out of bed, but I knew he needed to go for a walk and was getting stir crazy.

First, we spent a little time at the beach. It was pretty cold, but it was still fun. It actually made me feel a little better. We took some video, a bunch of photos and did some snapchats. There were surprisingly a number of people at the dog beach for such a chilly day.

Since he was being so good, we stopped over at a dog-friendly happy hour. Yes, I am trying to save money, but the $5 for a glass of wine was well worth the experience for Maddux, especially since I am hoping to have him take his Canine Good Citizen test soon. The more positive public experiences he has like that the better.

He was incredibly good, sitting each time the waitress and hostess asked if they could pet him. He didn’t bark or jump, and stayed sitting like a perfectly good gentleman. I have a feeling that is not how his CGC test is going to go, but I’ll take what I can get.

After, we walked over to the park where we sat and watched a free concert. The pet-friendly event was so much fun, and it was a good, and budget-friendly distraction after a morning spend setting up interviews, reaching out to contacts and job hunting. Fridays at the Lake, you can read about it on my Adirondack Chick blog, is a nice addition to the summer events in our little village.

Again, Maddux did great. He barked a little, but for the most part he was a perfect member of the audience. He even got treated to a tiny piece of hot dog from one of the vendors.

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